The Environment -

Utility companies highly rely on outdated sources of energy. Fossil fuels are harming the environment, and are of limited quantity. As the world burns through its limited amount of fossil fuel supply, the price of fossil fuel based electricity will go up, this is simple basic economics, supply and demand. This same outdated form of energy production is also pretty messy. Carbon emissions are harming our environment, contributing to the ongoing climate change crisis we call global warming. Solar panels are a clean form of renewable energy, with minimum effects on mother nature. Cmon, we all love our moms, let’s help keep mother nature clean!

Financial Benefits -

When switching to solar with the right company, you will see tons of financial benefits. Utility rates have doubled in the last 20 years, locking in a price with solar panels helps you avoid rising utility rates. Solar panels will give you predictability, knowing what your monthly costs will be, so that you can spend your money on the important things in life instead. With solar panels you won’t have to worry the cost of cranking up your air conditioning on a hot summer day, you will be able to monitor and view your consumption and production. Solar panels also help increase the value of you home, so if you’re worried you won’t reap the benefits of a solar system because you’re moving, why not get a few extra bucks when you sell your home, while helping future homeowners go green and save green! There are also many tax benefits to going solar, the federal tax credit for going solar will be 26% of the system cost until the year 2023, where it will drop down to 22%. Switching to solar is affordable and many times a financed solar project will come out to a monthly payment much lower than the home’s average electric bill.

Solar is a Proven Clean Technology -

We all remember those calculators back in elementary school math class that ran on solar technology, who would’ve thought that same technology could power your home and save you money?! Solar panels have been used to panel a variety of technology, from small devices like calculators or lawn lamps, to satellites, space stations, and even the Mars Rover. Solar panels have powered many types of buildings as well, from single family homes, to malls, and even sports stadiums. There’s no doubt that solar panels are a proven clean technology that will eventually power the world, we’re just here to help get there.