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SolSun is one of the nation’s top leading solar installers, helping homeowners save money on their electric bill while saving the planet. We pride ourselves on our professional service and attention to detail. SolSun is a collaboration of solar professionals who were sick of the corporate big guys taking advantage of not only their customers, but their employees as well. Whether it’s the utility company charging customer’s outrageous prices and fees, or a solar company underpaying and overworking their employees. Our company’s founders came together with one thought in mind, we want more money in people’s pockets. We designed our business model and price points so that the customers see the most savings, while our employees are able to earn their fair wages.

Our Mission:

Here at SolSun our mission is to help homeowners lower their carbon footprint while saving money, leaving a cleaner earth for our future generations, and a ton of savings to spend on them. We hope you agree with us when we say we’d like to see our great grandchildren be able to play at a park without needing SPF 100 sunblock. If the world maintain’s our current carbon emissions global warming and climate change will be inevitable. Whether you choose to go solar or not, our highly trained consultants will help advise you on how you can do your part in lowering your carbon footprint. We all love when we find a few bucks hidden in our pockets when we’re doing our laundry, so our job is to help bring you that feeling on a monthly basis every time you receive your electric bill. Join us in the fight to help save our planet, after all, it’s the only one we’ve got (for now at least).

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